Amazon Web Services

Senior Product Manager - Technical • May 2018 — November 2018

  • Part of the Code Suite team (Developer Tools) which is made up of the AWS CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy, CodePipeline, and CodeStar product groups.
  • Owned the vision, roadmap, and execution of cross product initiatives for all things related to Docker/container development and deployment on AWS (i.e. CI/CD for the ECS and EKS services).
  • Regularly communicated with senior leadership on product KPI’s, guidance, forecasting/outlook, engineering wins and blockers, explaining technical details and trade-offs, and getting buy-in.
  • Indirectly lead dozens of engineers and managers on multiple active projects, most of which required cross-org collaboration with one or more teams outside of the CodeSuite org.

Amazon.com - Alexa Skills

Senior Product Manager - Technical • July 2016 — May 2018

  • Most recently, owned a portfolio of Alexa skills/apps and their roadmaps on a team I helped build: 14 software developers, two dev managers, one program manager, and one senior manager.
  • Wrote technical specs and worked closely with development teams to deliver products customers love.
  • Previously led international expansion of the Alexa Skills Kit (SDK) to the UK, Germany, Austria, India, and Japan which were highly visible, massive cross-org collaborations involving hundreds of people.
  • Defined and championed internal tools and services to increase dev productivity and speed to market.
  • Built a reporting dashboard to track newly defined KPI’s and historical performance.
  • Regularly gave business reports and communicated with senior leadership.
  • Owned all go-to-market activity for multiple product/feature launches and international expansion.
  • Delivered results and measurable impact while dealing with lots of ambiguity in an immature market.
  • Participated in Scrum ceremonies and used JIRA for planning and tracking.

Amazon Web Services

Partner Solutions Architect, DevOps • October 2015 — July 2016

  • Strategic technical resource for independent software vendors in the DevOps segment managing their integrations and designing product architecture on AWS. Trained other SA’s on DevOps practices.
  • Worked closely to understand customer needs and define requirements with AWS service owners.
  • Created technical content, spoke at events, and contributed to open source projects.
  • Identified and established new relationships with DevOps partners that extended the platform.
  • Grew the DevOps Competency program highlighting partners who bring added value to customers.


DevOps Manager • January 2015 — October 2015

  • Managed a team of six expert DevOps engineers located around the globe overseeing an infrastructure that included over 5,000 physical hosts serving 20,000+ virtual servers.
  • ~20% of my time still spent helping maintain (mostly code reviews) three services the team owned: self-service VM provisioning, virtual host management (kvm), and load balancer management.
  • Took VM provisioning from days to minutes and led the development of the load balancer management system that saved hundreds of man-hours per month.
  • Evangelized Groupon tech, standards, and best practices within the organization.
  • Served on the Operational Readiness Review board to ensure new services and features launched into production met operational excellence requirements.


Team Lead for Site Reliability Engineering • February 2013 — January 2015

  • Started as Site Reliability Engineer and got officially promoted to Team Lead in April 2014 leading a team of nine expert DevOps engineers located around the globe.
  • Effectively managed the team starting Jan 2014 as the official manager stepped down. Did 1 on 1’s, annual reviews, promotions, goal settings, and quarterly planning with the team.
  • Built an internal tool (Ruby on Rails) for incident tracking and management that reduced the need to manually enter data into three separate systems and automated several steps saving countless hours.
  • Built an API (Ruby on Rails) used by internal engineering teams that automated deployments and change management (JIRA) saving thousands of hours per year.
  • Maintained a suite of tools (Ruby on Rails) that served the NOC/SOC support teams.
  • Deployed hundreds of applications to production and contributed to CI/CD improvements.
  • Large scale system design and troubleshooting for a high traffic e-commerce business.
  • Served as Tier 3 support for the highest tier of revenue impacting incidents to the production infrastructure of over 15,000 servers and hundreds of applications.

Lee County Clerk of Courts

Data and Systems Engineer • October 2012 — February 2013

  • Consolidated over 500TB of SAN storage spread across three datacenters and five different vendor systems down to two vendors saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.
  • Maintained hundreds of Linux and Windows servers including Active Directory, Exchange, and MSSQL.
  • Created a workflow system that replaced dozens of manual and half-automated steps saving thousands of hours annually across multiple departments.
  • Completely rebuilt monitoring system (Nagios & SCOM).

Florida Gulf Coast University

Systems Engineer • June 2006 — October 2012

  • Maintained hundreds of Linux and Windows servers and over 100TB of SAN storage.
  • Automated all the things earning my reputation as the guy who “automates and glues stuff together”.
  • Initiated and led the buildout of multiple VMware clusters and migrated hundreds of physical servers to virtual machines saving the university tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Administered Exchange, SQL Server, and Active Directory clusters for over 1,500 staff and faculty.
  • Migrated on-premise student email (sendmail) and identity system to Live@edu and Forefront Identity Manager reducing yearly software/hardware cost to zero. Wrote custom middleware for managing student accounts and class email lists reducing provisioning time for both to minutes instead of days.
  • Wrote an inventory tracking web app in ASP.net. And it was really cool back then.
  • Managed dozens of other projects/initiatives over the years that affected 14,000+ students, faculty, and staff, all of which still give me nightmares (especially anything related to Oracle or SAN storage).


Florida Gulf Coast University

B.S., Computer Information Systems • 2007 • Magna Cum Laude